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Live Nitrifying Bacteria

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Live Nitrifying Bacteria
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* Premier live nitrifying bacteria for fresh or saltwater aquariums
* Quickly establish biological filtration in newly set-up aquariums
* Use in established aquariums to maintain efficient biological filtration

Made in the USAAdd life to new setups for aquarium success! Drs. Foster and Smith Live Nitrifying Bacteria quickly establish biological filtration with LIVE nitrifying bacteria. Use Drs. Foster and Smith Live Nitrifying Bacteria to cycle new aquariums or to maintain efficient biological filtration in established aquariums. Made in the USA and competitively priced to extend your aquarium budget. 16 oz treats 960 gal. For use with fresh or saltwater aquariums.

Beneficial nitrifying bacteria are the foundation of healthy, thriving aquariums. Adding disease treatments, new fish or cleaning the filter bed can compromise efficient biological filtration, often indicated by a spike in ammonia or nitrite levels. Use Drs. Foster and Smith Live Nitrifying Bacteria to ensure a thriving bacterial population responsible for natural ammonia and nitrite control. Product cannot be overdosed.

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