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Sera Super Peat

Sera Super Peat
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* Granulated peat filter media for conditioning aquarium water
* Lowers aquarium water carbonate hardness and pH value
* Releases natural components to achieve neutral to acidic water

SeraAchieve acid, soft-water conditions without salts or harsh chemical additives. Sera Super Peat slowly releases natural organic acids to lower carbonate hardness (KH) and total hardness (GH). Effectively maintains a stable pH value in the acidic range for extended periods. Sera Super Peat is ideal for hobbyists keeping or breeding aquarium fish that prefer neutral to acidic water. Also releases trace elements and other natural compounds to condition and tint aquarium water. Use granulated peat with filter media bags for convenient placement in aquarium filters. During the application of Sera Super Peat, the pH value should be checked regularly. 500 grams.

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