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* Aquarium water conditioner instantly detoxifies ammonia
* Scientifically proven to protect fish cells against ammonia
* Makes tap water safe for fish by removing chlorine and chloramine

Aquarium PharmaceuticalsWorks instantly to help remove deadly chlorine and chloramine from tap water. Locks up toxic ammonia produced by decomposing plants, algae, fish waste, dead fish, and uneaten food. Ammonia is converted to a non-toxic form to eliminate ammonia-related fish stress while biological filtration further breaks it down into nitrite and then nitrate. Safe for all fish, invertebrates, and plants and can be used with all medications including Methylene Blue, Malachite Green, and Acriflavine. Will not alter pH or deplete oxygen levels. Does not contain any copper or formaldehyde.

Each dose of Ammo Lock will detoxify 3.0 ppm of ammonia, 7.0 ppm of chlorine and 5.0 ppm of chloramine. For use is fresh or saltwater aquariums. 16 oz. treats 946 gallons.

Laboratory Test to Prove the Efficacy of Ammo-Lock® using fish cell tissue cultures in the presence of ammonia - veterinary study showing how Ammo-Lock protects fish tissues from the harmful effects of ammonia.
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Ammonia detoxifier works instantly!
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