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ISTA Mini Ceramic Cone CO2 Diffuser

ISTA Mini Ceramic Cone CO2 Diffuser
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* 2-in-1 mini CO2 diffuser with high quality ceramic diffuser plate
* Cone diffuser is also a bubble counter for proper CO2 dispensation
* Efficiently diffuses CO2 for lush growth in smaller planted aquariums

2-in-1 mini CO2 diffuser boasts convenient AND long-lasting design. ISTA Mini Ceramic Cone CO2 Diffuser is cone-shaped to function as a bubble counter. Acrylic design affords a clear view of carbon dioxide bubbles for accurate measurement. High quality ceramic diffuser plate optimizes contact time between CO2 and aquarium water for effective CO2 supplementation in planted aquariums. Durable acrylic design resists breakage and allows easy cleaning and diffuser plate replacement for longer lasting use and easier care than glass diffusers.

The ISTA Mini Ceramic Cone CO2 Diffuser measures 1-1/2" x 2-1/4" high (1-1/4" diameter), making it ideal for planted nano tanks. Includes two suction cups for secure mounting and a stylish tube holder to prevent tube from bending or kinking.

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