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API Root Tabs Plant Fertilizer

Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Root Tabs Plant Fertilizer
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* Plant fertilizer supplies key nutrients like iron and potassium to plant roots
* Promotes lush, green plant growth and stronger root development
* Use monthly for optimum aquarium plant growth

Aquarium PharmaceuticalsGive new plants stronger roots and keep established plants lush and green. Freshwater plant fertilizer supplies the key nutrients, such as iron and potassium, required for vibrant growth. Set each tab into the gravel bed to deliver the nutrients right to the plant's roots. Each tab slowly releases nutrients and lasts up to one month.

Directions for use: Use one tab for every 30 square inches (194 sq cm) of gravel surface. Push midway into gravel bed. (A standard 10 gallon (38 L) aquarium requires 6 tablets.) Add new tablets monthly for optimum plant growth.

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