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AquaTop 10K/7K SkyLED Planted Aquarium Light

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AquaTop 10K/7K SkyLED Planted Aquarium Light
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* 10K/7K LED light fixture designed for freshwater-planted aquariums
* Supports aquarium plants requiring low to medium light conditions
* Densely packed LED array eliminates "spotlight" effect in aquariums

Energy-efficient LED light with functional PAR levels beautifully illuminates freshwater-planted aquariums. AquaTop 10K/7K SkyLED Planted Aquarium Light emits a blend of crisp, 10K white light AND warm 7K white light designed to support aquarium plants with low to medium light requirements. An excellent LED light fixture for freshwater-planted aquariums with Cryptocoryne, Anubias, mosses and most stemming plants.

AquaTop 10K/7K SkyLED Planted Aquarium Light features a sleek, low-profile design that keeps your planted aquarium the center of attention by reducing visual clutter. Unique, densely packed LED array features approximately 10 LEDs per square inch to provide an overlapping light spread that eliminates unnatural streaking or spotlight effects to further enhance your aquarium viewing experience.

AquaTop 10K/7K SkyLED Planted Aquarium Light features quiet and cool fan-less operation, splash guard and waterproof switch for safety, extra long 55" power cord for convenient placement, and adjustable mounting legs to accommodate a variety of aquarium sizes. Ideal for all freshwater aquariums. CE Listed. Measures 2-3/4" x 7/8" high.

Use multiple light fixtures based on the illumination needs of your aquarium plants.

Model Adjustable
# of 10K LEDs # of 7K LEDs Total # of LEDs Total Output
24" (Mfg# SLP-24) 21"-27" 96 96 192 20 watt

PAR Values
Water Depth Single Unit Dual Units
3" 250 350
6" 200 270
9" 160 240
12" 130 210
15" 100 200
18" 75 180
21" 30 155
24" 0 140

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