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Ecoxotic E-Series Full Spectrum LED Light Fixture

Ecoxotic E-Series Full Spectrum LED Light Fixture
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* LED aquarium light fixture with controllable 8000°K & RGB LEDs
* Delivers powerful full spectrum light great for planted aquariums
* Wireless remote control allows on-demand aquarium light effects

Brilliant LED fixture delivers powerful adjustable full spectrum lighting. Ecoxotic E-Series Full Spectrum LED Light Fixture with proprietary blend of white and RGB (Red, Green, Blue) LEDs satisfies the demanding lighting requirements of heavily planted freshwater aquariums, large African Cichlid setups and even deep fish-only marine aquariums! LED timer/controller lets you easily set custom 24-hour lighting cycle with automatic 15-minute ramp up and dim down sequence to simulate a gradual sunrise or sunset.

Ecoxotic E-Series Full Spectrum LED Light Fixture features ultra convenient wireless control over two light channels so you can easily adjust LED intensity and color of each color spectrum. Enjoy beautiful color blends unique to your aquarium system or choose from 4 adjustable preset colors or 4 dynamic light effects including moonlight, thunderstorm with lightning, cloud cover, and slow color fade. 120 degree optics and polished reflector ensure uniform color blend and light spread. Two memory buttons let you save your favorite custom color blends. Sliding docking legs adjust to accommodate various aquarium lengths for simple, convenient installation.

Ecoxotic E-Series Full Spectrum LED Light Fixture include fixture, E-Series RGBW LED controller with wireless remote, 24VDC transformer/power adapter, and (2) adjustable docking mounts (pre-installed).

Preset Colors
  • Sunlight: Provides a soft white color temperature similar to a lower K spectrum like 6,500°K. Great for planted tanks and fish with orange and yellow coloration.
  • Full Spectrum: Excellent for heavily planted aquariums, this color spectrum runs all of the white, red, green and blue LEDs at full power.
  • Crisp Blue: Similar to a 10,000°K spectrum and emits a very crisp white with a hue of blue. Highly recommended for cichlids and other fish.
  • Deep Water: An amazing color for many aquarium fish. White mixed with a bit of blue and red makes many fish "pop" in color.

E-Series Full Spectrum LED Light Dimensions Total Watts Total # of LEDs
12" E-30 (Mfg# 9400) 12.5" x 2" x 1" high 16 10
(8) 8000°K Daylight
(2) RGB
18" E-45 (Mfg# 9401) 18.5" x 2" x 1" high 24 14
(10) 8000°K Daylight
(4) RGB
24" E-60 (Mfg# 9402) 24.5" x 2" x 1" high 34 20
(16) 8000°K Daylight
(4) RGB
36" E-90 (Mfg# 9403) 36.5" x 2" x 1" high 46 30
(24) 8000°K Daylight
(6) RGB
48" E-120 (Mfg# 9404) 48.5" 2" x 1" high 56 40
(32) 8000°K Daylight (8) RGB

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