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Current USA Single Ramp Timer

Current USA Single Ramp Timer
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* LED aquarium lighting controller with Ramp Up/Dim Down feature
* Simulates a gentle sunrise & sunset to reduce stress in aquarium fish
* Easy to use aquarium timer features two modes with manual on/off

Enjoy high-end LED control with minimal effort. Current USA Single Ramp Timer easily upgrades your LED light fixture with a gradual ramp-up and dim-down feature found in high-end LED fixtures. Aquarium lighting connected to the Current USA Single Ramp Timer simulates a gradual sunrise and sunset each day to prevent stressful light shock experienced when aquariums transition from complete darkness to full brightness.

Current USA Single Ramp Timer is an easy to install and program single-channel timer featuring 24-hour LED aquarium lighting control with two modes: ON/OFF with a 15-minute ramp up and dim down sequence or instant ON/OFF (no fade). A manual button even allows you to turn your lights on or off instantly. Large LCD display with simple push button keypad allows hassle-free operation that easy on your eyes. Internal memory stores your pre-programmed times in the event of a power failure. Current USA Single Ramp Timer measures 3.25" x 0.75" x 2.25" high.

  • Voltage: 12-24VDC
  • Max. Wattage: 84 watts @ 24VDC / 42 watts @ 12VDC
  • Dimensions: 3.25" x 0.75" x 2.25" high
  • Cable Length: 6"
  • Dimming Type: PWM
  • Connector: DC Plug 2.5mm x 5mm
  • Channels: 1

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Downloadable Single Ramp Timer Instruction PDF. (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 or later - get it here for free) Downloadable Current USA Single Ramp Timer Instructions PDF. (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 or later - get it here for free)

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