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AquaIllumination Sol Super Blue LED Light

AquaIllumination Sol Super Blue LED Light
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* Reef hobbyists choice for ultimate LED light control, longevity, & energy savings
* Advanced LED module boasts compatibility with popular aquarium controllers
* Modular, upgradeable LED module accommodates for new aquarium technology

AquaIlluminationThe ultimate in LED light control, longevity, and energy savings delivers results in excellent coral growth. AquaIllumination (AI) Sol Super Blue LED Light boasts a proven track record for phenomenal coral growth. Both LPS and SPS corals flourish under its precision lighting environment. The exclusive use of white Cree XP-G and blue/royal blue XP-E series LEDs combined with proprietary 40 and 70 degree lenses achieve the greatest light spread without sacrificing intensity. Drawing only 75W and measuring 11.875" x 5.375" x 2.35" high, the AI Sol LED Module is a sleek, highly energy-efficient powerhouse choice for serious reef enthusiasts!

AquaIllumination Sol Super Blue LED Light is not only about intensity. This forward-thinking LED system features a modular and upgradeable design for a flexible aquarium lighting system that grows with your needs while keeping up with advancements in LED technology. The AI Sol is also the most controllable aquarium lighting available in the industry.

To unlock greater options with wireless control install the AI Wireless Adapter (sold separately) to your AquaIllumination Sol Super Blue LED Light. Once wirelessly enabled, automate everything you want from basic on/off timer functions to simulating thunderstorms and lunar cycles via AI LED System Controller or the AI Director (each sold separately). AI Wireless Adapter is available in Black or White.

The AquaIllumination Sol Super Blue LED Light is Apex Ready+ so you can access more advanced features when you interconnect your LED Fixture with an Apex Aquarium Controller (sold separately).

Explore elegant mounting options for your AI Sol with the modular AI EXT Rails or EXT Hanging Kit. Start with the 48" EXT Upright Rail w/ Mounting Bracket and use your choice of 6", 12" or 18" EXT Rails to explore creative tank-mount possibilities. Use EXT Rails in conjunction with the EXT Hanging Kit to connect and hang multiple lights together. Made from extruded aluminum (each sold separately).

Please specify Black or Silver EXT Rail System.

PAR Measurement
PAR Measurement

Spectral Output
Sol Blue provides a full power color spectrum closer to 20,000K.
Sol Super Blue Spectral Graph

Suggested use
Aqua Illumination typically recommends one module per foot on tanks deeper than 30 inches. On tanks less than 30 inches, one module every 18 to 24 inches is acceptable. The latest generation System is significantly more powerful and produces greater spread than previous generations. Some users may be able to use fewer units depending on what type of corals they are keeping in their tank and how much light is needed.

The AI Sol Super Blue LED Light is compatible with the following controllers:

  • AI Controller (sold right)
  • GHL Profilux
  • Digital Aquatics Reefkeeper
  • Neptune Apex

Downloadable Sol Super Blue LED Light Quick Start Guide PDF.
(Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 or later - get it here for free)

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An Apex Ready+ Product!

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