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Coralife Aqualight LED Light Fixture

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Coralife Aqualight LED Light Fixture
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* Specialized programmable LED light fixture designed for all coral reef aquariums
* Emits high intensity LED light at optimal wavelengths you can control
* Innovative, "plug and play" LED fixture densely packed with smart features

CoralifeGrow and maintain any coral species with LED lighting engineered for reef success! Coralife Aqualight LED Light Fixture has been designed and perfected for more than two years to deliver superior performance that meets the specific needs of photosynthetic corals. Strong PAR output range between 200-300 micromoles establishes a "sweet spot" for most corals yet Aqualight LED is capable of going well beyond 800+ micromoles to accommodate even the most demanding coral or clam species!

Coralife Aqualight LED Light Fixture features a built-in electronic controller that puts 92 total LEDs under your control. Three pre-programmed color settings of 10,000K, 14,000K, and 20,000K PLUS an integrated electronic timer with Sunrise, Sunset and Moonlight settings simplify 24-hour lighting cycle without compromising control. The intensity of each color setting can be adjusted from 10% to 100% allowing for a wide range of lighting options that replicate varying light conditions found in nature.

Key Features to ensure reliable long term performance

  • A built-in electronic controller lets you quickly program the Aqualight LED.
  • State-of-the-art optics including custom lenses and metallic reflectors direct maximum amount of light energy in the form of PAR (photosynthetically active radiation) into the aquarium where it can be used by corals for growth.
  • Distinct combination of white, blue, and amber LEDs. White and blue LEDs provide a cool appearance and strong PAR while amber LEDs offer balance and warmth for full spectrum light.
  • Passive and Active Heat Management: Built-in heat sinks keep LED chips cool. When needed a variable speed fan will activate to provide additional cooling.
  • Protection from Moisture: Each LED board is covered with an advanced conformal coating designed to resist moisture while the clear polycarbonate lens adds another barrier of protection against evaporation and water spray.
  • Integrated Battery Back Up: Saves user settings in the event of power loss to the Aqualight LED. Once power is restored, Aqualight LED will remember prior settings and resume operation. No need to re-program the light fixture.
  • Mounting Options: Aqualight LED comes complete with mounting leg brackets and suspension hardware kit.


Model Dimensions Optimal Use on Aquariums
Mfg# 07511 46.25" x 15" x 3.38" high 48" long x 18-30" wide x 30" high

LED Specifications

per fixture
Color / Type Power Draw
per LED*
52 Luxeon Rebel Cool White (6,500K) 3.4W
32 Luxeon Rebel Royal Blue (447nm) 3.4W
8 Luxeon Rebel PC Amber (591nm) 2.2W

*Maximum power draw. Actual power draw depends on color and intensity settings.

Fixture Power Draw (at 117V)
257W 10,000K Setting at 100% Intensity
302W 14,000K Setting at 100% Intensity
303W 20,000K Setting at 100% Intensity

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LED light fixture designed specifically to grow coral!
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