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Current USA TrueLumen LED Strips

Current USA TrueLumen LED Strips
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* Simple LED Strips upgrade adds dazzling light effects to any aquarium
* Affix slim LED strips to nano aquariums, canopies or light fixtures
* Create dynamic aquarium displays filled with textured rippling light

Design your aquarium with light using easy-to-install LEDs. Current USA TrueLumen LED Strips offer a simple upgrade solution that delivers amazing light effects without the fuss or expense. These truly amazing LED strips employ high-output, power LED chips that emit brilliant wavelengths of light. Replicate the natural shimmering effect and rippling glow of the sun or moon even in hard to upgrade nano aquarium lighting systems. This LED works best as an accent in freshwater or marine aquariums.

Sleek, low profile TrueLumen LED Strips boast energy-efficient technology that produces virtually no heat. Simply mount the flexible, water-resistant strip using the included strip adhesive or mounting screws to any nano-style aquarium, canopy or light fixture. Each strip measures 10" x 0.5" x 0.1" high.

Requires 12V Power Supply (Mfg# 1670) for operation, sold separately. 12V Power Supply with 36" cord can power up to three TrueLumen LED Strips using the optional 3-Way Splitter Cable (Mfg# 1671) for custom aquarium accent lighting sure to amaze.

Current USA TrueLumen LED Strips are available in five color spectrums to enhance color and shimmer in freshwater and marine aquariums:

  • 453nm Actinic Blue - Peaking at 453nm, this LED strip provides actinic blue supplementation, enhance fish and coral colors and can be used to provide stunning blue lighting effects during the day or at night.
  • 12,000K White - Powerful penetrating crisp light replicates sunlight. Excellent for adding the shimmer effect to any aquarium.
  • Actinic Blue/White - This mixture accentuates the vibrant colors and shimmer effects brought out by natural daylight.
  • Rose Red - Warm color enhancing light brings new life to freshwater fish and aquatic plants.
  • Rose Red/12,000K White - Warm, color-enhancing Rose Red light is mediated by crisp white light for fantastic light effects that accentuate both aquarium inhabitants and the aquarium environment.

Color Spectrum LED Specifications Max Power
453nm Actinic Blue
(Mfg# 1660)
(4) 453nm Actinic Blue 4 watts
12K White (Mfg# 1662) (4) 12K White 4 watts
12K White/453nm Blue
(Mfg# 1661)
(2) 12K White
(2) 453nm Actinic Blue
4 watts
Rose Red (Mfg# 1663 (4) Rose Red 4 watts
Rose Red/12K White (2) Rose Red
(2) 12K White
4 watts

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Environmentally Friendly Product

Eco-friendly products support your efforts to care for your aquarium and aquatic life with a "green" approach letting you take care of your aquarium while taking care of our planet, too.

Color: 453nm Blue
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