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Nano Cube 28-gallon CF-QUAD

Nano Cube 28-gallon CF-QUAD
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* 28-gallon Nano Cube with cool-running 105 watt compact fluorescent lighting
* Innovative aquarium system loaded with features for highly customizable setups
* Transparent 3-stage filter media basket easily converts into an in-tank refugium

JBJ LightingExpand nano reef possibilities with the versatile 28-gallon Nano Cube CF-QUAD. The newest addition to the extremely popular Nano Cube aquarium series is loaded with hobby-friendly features for highly-customizable setups. The integrated hood features a brilliant 105 watt quad compact fluorescent lamp for 3.75 watts of light per gallon. This 10,000°K/7,100°K combo lamp offers a smart solution for high intensity light output while minimizing unwanted heat generation. The all-in-one Nano Cube CF-QUAD features 2 powerheads with directional flow nozzles controlled by the redesigned Ocean Pulse Duo alternating wavemaker. The newly incorporated memory chip ensures flawless performance of the Ocean Pulse Duo even after a power failure. Built-in filtration system employs an innovative 3-stage filter media basket installed with a mechanical sponge, activated carbon and biological ceramic rings. For the experienced reef-keeper, this transparent and compartmentalized filter media basket can be used as an in-tank refugium for a natural approach to reef keeping. Simply add macro-algae such as chaetomorpha in lieu of the mechanical sponge and biological ceramic rings. Glass aquarium with rounded corners for seamless panoramic viewing. Measures 18" x 22" x 22" high. Replacement Filter Media sold separately.


  • 105 watt 10,000°K/7,100°K compact fluorescent lighting
  • (4) Nite-Vu LED lighting with separate power cord
  • (2) Powerheads
  • (2) Directional flow nozzles
  • (1) Ocean Pulse Duo alternating wavemaker
  • (2) Integrated cooling fans
  • 3-stage filtration with removable media basket
  • Center overflow system
  • Designated area for a heater (heater sold separately)
  • Designated area for a protein skimmer (protein skimmer sold separately)
  • Flame retardant ABS canopy housing
  • Thermal protector for canopy (Auto Shut Off protection)

Upgrade your Nano Cube Aquarium System with the easy-to-install NanoZapp Inline UV Sterilizer. Kill free-floating green water algae and harmful microorganisms for improved water clarity and quality. Sold separately.

The Nano Cube 28-gallon CF-QUAD makes a beautiful focal point in any room displayed upon the stylish Nano Cube 28-gallon Cabinet Stand.

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