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AquaVision Aquatics Cyano Solution

AquaVision Aquatics Cyano Solution
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* Treat unsightly cyano bacteria in marine and reef aquariums
* Will not discolor aquarium water as it treats cyano bacteria
* Restore and maintain the beauty of your coral reef aquarium

AquaVision AquaticsTreat unsightly cyano bacteria to restore and maintain the beauty of your aquarium. AquaVision Aquatics Cyano Solution is an easy-to-use powder that will not discolor aquarium water as it treats cyano bacteria (also known as red slime). Left unchecked patches of cyano bacteria can quickly form massive sheets that choke off light and nutrients to live rock, corals and other saltwater aquarium life. Use Cyano Solution in both marine and coral reef aquariums. Dissolve 1 scoop (included) with 1 cup of aquarium water for use with every 10 gallons. 2 grams treats 400 gallons.

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