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Frag Cave and Frag Rock

Frag Cave and Frag Rock
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* Resin coral propagation mounts for secure placement of coral frags
* Resembles colorful live rock to preserve reef aquarium aesthetics
* Rock holds up to 5 coral frag plugs

EshoppsMaintain aquarium aesthetics while propagating coral fragments. Crafted to resemble coralline algae-encrusted live rock, these resin mounts offer a beautiful alternative to industrial-looking frag racks. Eliminate unappealing visual clutter and keep your reef display aquarium from looking like an unfinished, "work in progress" propagation tank. Get your Frag Cave or Frag Rock today to instantly add an aesthetically-pleasing look to your reef aquarium housing coral frags.

Frag Rock offers a space-saving solution to your coral propagation needs. Realistic Frag Rock measures 3-1/2" dia x 1-1/2" high and includes 5 frag plugs, perfect for nano reef aquariums.

Please click on "More Information" for tips on coral propagation.

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