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Aqua Fizzzz Airstones

Aqua Fizzzz Airstones
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* Large, general purpose airstones great for aquarium aeration
* Enhance vital aquarium water movement to promote gas exchange
* Flat bottom allows convenient placement on aquarium gravel

Hagen Large, multipurpose aquarium airstones produce loads of decorative and functional air bubbles. Marina Air Stones create a dazzling underwater scene thanks to their large size that supplies your aquarium with plenty of bubbles for improved aeration and water circulation. Diffused air increases surface agitation to promote proper gas exchange that accelerates oxygen replenishment while reducing carbon dioxide buildup. Marina Air Stones are available in 4", 6", and 12" lengths. Fits standard airline tubing.

Airstones require an air pump and airline tubing for use (sold separately).

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Larger sizes for more air bubbles
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