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Azoo Battery Air Pump

Azoo Battery Air Pump
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* Powerful, high-quality battery-operated air pump
* Portable and inexpensive multipurpose aeration device
* Oxygenates water when transporting fish or during emergencies

Now if the power fails, your aquarium won't! The Azoo Battery Air Pump is a powerful, inexpensive backup aeration system that offers peace of mind in the event of an emergency. Provides vital oxygen to aquarium inhabitants and features an On/Off switch to maintain battery life. Includes a 13-1/4" airline and airstone. Requires two D-cell batteries (not included). Also great to use when transporting fish.

Tips from our Techs
When the filters are not running due to a power outage, it is wise to place your airstones at the top of the aquarium. Under normal conditions, any organic material that is stirred up by airstones placed on the bottom is properly filtered. Placing your airstones at the top of your aquarium during a power outage ensure toxic organic wastes on the bottom are not stirred up and mixed within the aquarium.

Please click on "More Information" for advice on how to reduce oxygen depletion in your aquarium.

Powerful backup air pump for peace of mind
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