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Lee's Premium Undergravel Filter

Lee's Premium Undergravel Filter
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* Premium Undergravel Filter provides great biological and mechanical filtration; may also use with a power filter to further optimize aquarium water quality
* Naturally detoxify your freshwater or saltwater aquarium water by facilitating beneficial bacteria growth in your aquarium gravel bed
* Strong, multi-level hard-plastic design made in the USA - great for aquariums with live rock or other heavy elements

Lee'sEasy-to-install, USA-made undergravel aquarium filter detoxifies freshwater or saltwater aquarium water naturally. The Premium Undergravel Filter circulates water through your aquarium gravel/ substrate and facilitates the growth of billions of beneficial bacteria in your aquarium gravel. As bacteria thrive and multiply in your aquarium gravel bed, they naturally filter water, neutralize ammonia, and ultimately make your overall aquarium environment safer and more hospitable for all your aquarium inhabitants. If you wish, you may use the Premium Undergravel Filter with a power filter to optimize aquarium water quality.

Lee's Premium Undergravel Filter feature hard-plastic plates with a multi-level design to enhance the undergravel filter's overall structural strength. Plates resist splitting and cracking, even in aquariums with heavy live rock or other weighty aquarium elements. Plus, large plate sizes reduce the total number of plates required in your aquarium. Elevated, molded-in gravel guards eliminate the possibility of gravel falling down into the undergravel filter's uplift tube.

All sizes of Lee's Premium Undergravel Filter include at least 2 fish-saver elbows that protect your aquarium fish from injury, at least 2 Discard-A-Stones that help oxygenate your aquarium water, and at least 2 premium carbon cartridges to remove dissolved toxins and impurities from aquarium water.

Replace Carbon Cartridges and Discard-A-Stones every 2-3 weeks for optimum filter performance.

Lee's Premium Undergravel Filters require an air pump or powerhead for operation.

  Actual Plate Size
10-gallon 9" x 18-1/2"
15/20-gallon 11" x 22-1/2"
20/29-gallon 12" x 30"
30-gallon 12" x 36"
40/55-gallon (2) 11" x 22-1/2"
50/65-gallon (2) 16" x 17-1/2"
70/90-gallon (2) 16" x 22-1/2"
125/135-gallon (3) 16" x 22-1/2"

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