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Aqueon Quiet Flow Power Filters

Aqueon Quiet Flow Power Filters
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* 4-stage aquarium power filters with convenient new features
* Provides mechanical, chemical, biological, and wet/dry filtration
* Enhances aquarium water quality/clarity and increase oxygen levels

AqueonMultiple-stage power filters boast enhanced filter performance. Newly designed filter features efficient 4-stage mechanical, chemical, biological, and wet/dry filtration. Dense floss material covers both sides of the large filter cartridge to trap more particle and debris for optimal mechanical filtration. Easy-to-replace filter cartridge contains 25% more activated carbon than the leading brands to effectively remove dissolved organic waste materials. Plus a secondary Wet/Dry Grid augments the Bio-Holster biological filtration grid for non-stop elimination of toxic ammonia and nitrite. The result is "polished" aquarium water with higher water quality and clarity. Internal pump design allows quick start up and virtually silent operation. Aqueon Power Filters are for use in fresh or saltwater aquariums.

Model Flow
10 100 gph 10 gal Medium
20 125 gph 20 gal Large
30 200 gph 30 gal Large
50 250 gph 50 gal Large
55/75 400 gph 75 gal Large


  • Mechanical Filtration - Aqueon patented dual-sided replaceable dense-floss cartridges filter out more particles and debris.
  • Chemical Filtration - Aqueon patented cartridges contain more activated carbon to remove toxic impurities, odors, and discoloration.
  • Biological Filtration - Patented Bio-Holster collects beneficial bacteria to eliminate more toxic ammonia and nitrite.
  • Stationary Wet/Dry Filtration - "Water Polisher " Grid further filters and "super charges" the water with extra oxygen, creating additional non-stop biological filtration. The Grid also makes the water return exceptionally quiet.
  • Quiet Operation - The UL listed pump is safely submerged into the water to provide leak-proof, silent operation.
  • High Flow Rate - A higher flow rate runs water through the filter more times per hour to increase filtration and oxygenation for more active, healthier fish.
  • Self-Priming Pump - The auto-start pump requires no priming (pouring water into unit before powering) to eliminate messy spills - even if the power goes off.

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