Aquarium Filtration and Water Quality: Tetra Whisper EX Power Filters
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Whisper EX Power Filter

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Whisper EX Power Filter
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* Multi-stage aquarium power filters with convenient new features
* Innovative design simplifies aquarium filter start-up and maintenance
* One-of-a-kind carbon filter carrier allows no-touch, drip-free filter change

TetraRedesigned power filters simplify maintenance and improve aquarium water quality. Multi-stage filters boast innovative new features including an external motor assembly for engineered water flow that maximizes filter performance and aquarium oxygenation. Bio-Scrubber insert ensures excellent biological filtration and reusable clamshell filter frame functions as a no-touch, drip-free carrier for fast and convenient filter media change.


  • SilentFilter™ Technology - The Whisper EX is ready to go, right out of the box. Simply adjust the extension tube, place the filtration system on your aquarium and plug it in. The submerged motor begins filtering water immediately. No priming required. Silent operation.
  • Multi-Stage Filtration - Unlike other aquarium filters, the Whisper EX directs water through multiple layers of floss to remove more particles. The coarse floss removes large particles while the tan multi-density floss removes fine particles. The carbon inside eliminates odors, discoloration, and most importantly, harmful toxins. The Bio-Scrubber removes ammonia and nitrite that are deadly to your fish.
  • Carbon Filter Carrier - The new filter carrier holds the filter - and the drips - so you don't have to. After discarding the old filter and inserting the new one, the carrier easily drops back into place within the filtration system.
  • Carbon Filter Access Door - Allows easy access to the carbon filter carrier for fast, clean, and easy filter changes.

Model Flow Rate Aquarium Size Carbon Filter
EX20 110 gph up to 20 gallons Medium (Green)
EX30 160 gph up to 30 gallons Large (Blue)
EX45 240 gph up to 45 gallons Large (Blue)
EX70 340 gph up to 70 gallons Large (Blue)

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