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Eshopps Overflow Boxes

Eshopps Overflow Boxes
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* Premium overflow boxes for wet/dry aquarium filters
* Effectively transports aquarium water to under cabinet sumps
* Bulkhead fittings allow convenient and secure aquarium plumbing

EshoppsQuality overflow boxes feature bulkhead fittings for secure and convenient installation. Use these easy-to-install overflow boxes to transport aquarium water to under cabinet sumps, refugiums, or wet/dry filters. Gravity-feed system eliminates the need for complicated drilling or aquarium modifications.

Includes: U-tube, cylinder (round) foam, nylon screw and wing nuts, and pre-filter box. Nano has 3/4" bulkhead, PF-300 - PF-1200 have 1" bulkheads, and PF-1800 has 1-1/2" bulkhead.

Model Dimensions Usage Intake Max Flow
PF-Nano 4" x 2.5" x 8.5" H Up to 20 gallons Single 200 gph
PF-300 6" x 3" x 10" H Up to 75 gallons Single 300 gph
PF-800 8" x 3" x 10" H Up to 125 gallons Single 800 gph
PF-1000 9" x 3" x 10" H Up to 150 gallons Dual 900 gph
PF-1200 10" x 3" x 10" H Up to 200 gallons Dual 1,000 gph
PF-1800 12" x 4" x 10" H Up to 300 gallons Single 1,600 gph

NEW Replacement Nylon Screw Set includes (2) Wing Nuts, (2) Threaded Screws, and a Thumb Screw. Replace old or worn nylon screw and wing nuts to ensure secure placement of overflow box.

Please click on "More Information" for directions for use.

Easy-to-install siphon overflow box
Item above on backorder. Expected in on 05/06/2015.
Item above on backorder. Expected in on 05/06/2015.
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