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Milwaukee Instruments CO2 Solenoid Valve and CO2 Regulator

Milwaukee Instruments CO2 Solenoid Valve and CO2 Regulator
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* CO2 Solenoid Valve and Regulator for aquarium CO2 supplementation
* Electronic Solenoid Valve allows on-off operation of aquarium CO2
* CO2 Regulator includes flow regulator, solenoid, needle valve & bubble counter

Regulate CO2 flow to aquarium CO2 systems with quality electronic devices. Milwaukee Instruments CO2 Solenoid Valve and CO2 Regulator allow quick and convenient installation of low-flow CO2 injection systems. CO2 Solenoid Valve offers the DIY aquarist freedom to create a custom system. CO2 Regulator pre-installed with multiple components ease product selection. Great for use with freshwater-planted aquariums, calcium reactors for saltwater reef aquariums or other low-flow CO2 injection systems.

Milwaukee Instruments CO2 Solenoid Valve (Mfg# MA955) offers safe, secure installation and dispensation of carbon dioxide. Energy-efficient 110V electromagnetic solenoid valve operates on 6W of electricity. 4 ft cord. Fittings included. Milwaukee Instruments CO2 Solenoid Valve measures 3-5/8" x 7/8" x 2" high.

Milwaukee Instruments CO2 Regulator (Mfg# MA957) comes assembled with dual pressure gauges with readings in psi & kg/cm2, flow control valve, 6W electronic solenoid with 4 ft cord, bubble counter, and needle valve to simplify product selection and installation. Milwaukee Instruments CO2 Regulator measures 6-1/4" x 5" x 5-3/8" high. Use with Milwaukee Instruments Professional pH Controller (Mfg# MC122) to fully automate precision CO2 Injection.

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