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Sera Snail Collect

Sera Snail Collect
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* Baited trap for the simple capture and removal of aquarium snails
* Adjust gate spacing to trap nuisance aquarium snails of a specific size
* Keep aquarium snail population in check without harsh chemical additives

SeraManage snail populations in your aquarium without harmful chemicals. The safe and simple-to-use Sera Snail Collect relies on a basic "bait and trap" principle to capture freshwater aquarium snails. Snails are secured within the trap once they enter the one-way curtain. Spacing between the exterior set of bars can be adjusted according to the particular size of snail you wish to capture. Includes two Sera O-nip Tablets for use as bait. Plastic construction. Light assembly required. The Sera Snail Collect measures 5" x 2-1/2" x 1" high.

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