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Instant Ocean Hydrometer

 Instant Ocean Hydrometer
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* Easy-to-use swing-arm style hydrometer for brackish and marine systems
* Precise full range salinity and specific gravity readings
* Large easy-to-read pointer and wide stabilizer base

Instant OceanInstant Ocean's durable, clear acrylic, swing-arm hydrometer is easy to use and easy to read. Full-range results in both salinity and specific gravity (0 to 40 ppt salinity and 1.000 to 1.030 specific gravity) with color-blocked "safe zone" to make routine testing quick and accurate. Features large swing-arm pointer, extra-wide stable base and "easy-dip" design to keep your hands dry while obtaining water sample. Temperature-corrected for use between 68° and 85°F with specific gravity readings accurate to ± 0.001.

Please click on "More Information" for instructions, care and ideal saltwater aquarium parameters.

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