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Aquarium Solutions AccuProbe Hydrometers

Aquarium Solutions AccuProbe Hydrometers
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* Individually calibrated hydrometers with easy to read red pointer
* Allows reliable measurement of specific gravity in marine aquariums
* Available in limited and wide range meters to suit your aquarium needs

Individually calibrated hydrometers with easy-to-read red pointer provide accurate and convenient measurement of specific gravity. Aquarium Solutions AccuProbe Hydrometers are individually calibrated for accuracy and assigned an individual certified calibration number to ensure the most accurate readings possible. Durable plastic construction ensures reliable extended use. Accurate to ±0.001 specific gravity units. Temperature corrected readings from 68° and 85°F.

Aquarium Solutions AccuProbe Hydrometers are available in limited-range AccuProbe Mini Hydrometer and wide range AccuProbe Hydrometer to accommodate your particular aquarium needs.

AccuProbe Mini Hydrometer - Limited-range specific gravity meter (1.015-1.025 SG) is ideally suited for use in nano tanks, smaller setups, or sumps of larger systems. Versatile use in or out of your aquarium. Simply take a water sample from your aquarium and place the AccuProbe Mini Hydrometer on a level surface. Or place the unit on a level surface in your sump where it is less likely to be impacted by marine animals.

AccuProbe Hydrometer - Wide-range specific gravity meter displays reading in both specific gravity and salinity (PPT) measurements (1.012-1.032 SG and 16-43 PPT). Innovative "Dry Hands" design prevents contamination of aquarium or water sample and retrieves water samples at a 6 inch depth, avoiding inaccurate surface samplings. Automatically collects the perfect sample size by leveling off sample water. Self-leveling, hanging device included.

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