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PhosBan Reactor

PhosBan Reactor 150
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* Aquarium filter media reactor for enhanced chemical filtration
* Up-flow principle maximizes efficient use of chemical filter media
* Optimize chemical filtration to improve aquarium water quality

Two Little FishiesThe PhosBan Reactor maximizes efficient use of chemical filter media. Up-flow principle pushes water from the bottom upward through the dispersion plate to gently fluidize chemical filter media. Even distribution of aquarium water through the PhosBan Reactor increases media contact for optimized use of PhosBan or other chemical filter media. Includes barbed hose connections for 1/2" ID tubing and ball valve to fine tune flow rate. Appropriate size pump*, tubing, and media required (not included). Multiple reactors may be used for larger aquariums. Larger capacity PhosBan Reactor 550 now available for use with aquariums up to 600 gallons!

PhosBan Reactor w/Pump Kits
Stretch your budget by fluidizing your favorite chemical filter media. Increased contact with aquarium water maximizes removal of pollutants. PhosBan Reactor w/Pump Kits include Cobalt MJ Multi-Purpose Powerhead Pump MJ600, Universal 320 (Seltz L30), or Eheim 1250 Hobby for PhosBan Reactor 150 Kit & MJ1200 for PhosBan Reactor 550 Kit, 1/2" ID vinyl tubing and 3/4" OD clamp for setup ease.

Kit Included Pump For use with
150 Cobalt MJ600 Carbon or
150 320 (Seltz L30) NPX Bioplastics
150 Eheim 1250 Hobby NPX Bioplastics
550* Cobalt MJ1200 Carbon or
*Best option for NPX use in larger aquariums is the Bashea Pellet Master Reactor Kits.

Model Media
Flow Rate
150 200 grams 20-30 gph 150 gallons 4-1/2" x 4" x 17-1/2" high
550 750 grams 20-40 gph 600 gallons 5" x 6" x 15" high

* The pump should have 100-200 gph (380-760 l/hr) capacity, although the flow must be reduced using the supplied ball valve.

Use with PhosBan to safely keep phosphate levels low in freshwater and marine (including reef) aquariums for several months. Highly porous, super adsorbent, ferric oxide hydroxide-based media effectively binds large amounts of phosphate, organic compounds, and other pollutants. Won't leach pollutants, even when fully saturated.

PhosBan Reactor Extension Kit for Reactor 150: Contains parts to convert the PhosBan Reactor 150 for convenient hang-on installation on aquarium or on the side of a filter sump.

Downloadable PhosBan Reactor 150 Instructions PDF and PhosBan Reactor 550 Instructions PDF.
(Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 or later - get it here for free)

Please click on "More Information" for operating instructions.

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