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Turbo CO2 Bio-System

Turbo CO2 Bio-System
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* Easy and inexpensive way to provide CO2 to planted aquariums
* Venturi powerhead allows safe, controlled diffusion of CO2
* Provides one month of CO2 for planted aquariums up to 40 gallons

Red SeaEasy and inexpensive way to safely add carbon dioxide to your planted aquarium. Unlike other yeast fermentation systems that rely on passive CO2 diffusion, the Turbo CO2 Bio-System features a suction cup mounted adjustable venturi powerhead. Fine bubbles of CO2 are injected directly into the water column for maximum CO2 supplementation. The result is vibrant plant growth and vitality. Adjustable powerhead allows controlled CO2 diffusion into aquarium. Simply switch off the powerhead or connect to timer to prevent unwanted nighttime pH drop. Natural yeast fermentation process provides a steady supply of CO2 for up to one month. Recommended for aquariums up to 40 gallons.


  • Natural biological fermentation process provides one month supply of CO2
  • Easy to set up - No high-pressure components required.
  • Diffusion Pump (powerhead) with CO2 Venturi injector injects micro bubbles from bottom of aquarium for optimum diffusion of generated CO2.
  • Unplug or connect diffuser pump to a timer allows controlled CO2 diffusion rate, especially at night.

Please click on "More Information" for directions for use.

Controlled CO2 diffusion without expensive components
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