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Continuum Aquatics BacterGen MD

Continuum Aquatics BacterGen MD
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* Anaerobic microbial culture specifically for use in all marine aquariums
* Establishes beneficial anaerobic bacteria for aquarium nitrate removal
* Non-sulfur fixing - reduces hydrogen sulfide toxic to aquarium inhabitants

Enhance denitrification in marine aquariums for efficient and natural nitrate removal. Continuum Aquatics BacterGen MD is a breakthrough bacterial additive that establishes beneficial anaerobic bacteria responsible for denitrification (conversion of nitrates to harmless nitrogen gas). Versatile saltwater-specific microbial culture establishes anaerobic bacteria populations in denitrators as well as anoxic zones (areas depleted in dissolved oxygen) within your aquarium to lower ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, phosphates and organic pollutants harmful to aquarium inhabitants.

Continuum Aquatics BacterGen MD seeds new denitrators and existing anoxic zones such as the internal pores of live rock to establish and accelerate aquarium denitrification. It also forms anoxic zones in other areas of marine aquariums - even within zones saturated with oxygen - by developing layers of bacterial slime that quickly generate effective anoxic zones thereby encouraging denitrification by beneficial anaerobic bacteria. Non-sulfur fixing bacterial additive reduces hydrogen sulfide unlike competing products may increase the production of toxic hydrogen sulfide.

For use in marine (saltwater) aquariums including reef aquariums.

8.5 oz (250 ml) BacterGen MD treats up to 2,500 gallons.

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