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Vinyl Tubing 1-1/4" ID

Vinyl Tubing 1-1/4
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* Multipurpose flexible vinyl tubing for aquarium plumbing
* Easy to connect, disconnect, and replace for convenient custom plumbing
* Durable UV resistant Black Flexible Vinyl Tubing is ideal for use with UV Sterilizers

Vinyl tubing available in various lengths to suit your soft plumbing needs. Use the flexible vinyl tubing with barbed or insert fittings to transport water from your aquarium or pond filtration unit(s). Soft, thick-wall tubing is pliable and inside diameter is slightly undersized to ensure a snug and secure fit. Durable UV resistant Black Flexible Vinyl Tubing is ideal for outdoor pond use. Black coloration blends with pond liners and "disappears" for easy concealment. Flexible vinyl tubing is inexpensive, easy to connect, disconnect, and replace, making them ideal for standard or custom plumbing projects. 1/8" walled vinyl tubing. To determine OD (outside diameter) simply add 1/4" to the ID (inside diameter).

Clamps are recommeded when using flexible tubing.

Tips from our Techs:
When using flexible tubing, hold the end of the flexible tubing in hot water first to make connections easier. The heated flexible tubing will soften and slip right over the fittings.
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