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Phosphate Filter Pads

Phosphate Filter Pads
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* Versatile, phosphate-removing filter pads for all aquariums
* Filter pads effectively remove phosphate in aquarium water
* Easy-to-use phosphate-removing pads fit in aquarium filters

Phosphate Filter Pads General Purpose Pads
Quickly remove phosphate from aquarium water. Tropical Science Phosphate Filters will remove 2 ppm of phosphate (PO4) from up to a 120 gallon aquarium. Quickly and safely removes both soluble and insoluble phosphate without re-releasing phosphate back into the water. These easy-to-use pads can be placed anywhere in your aquarium filtration system - in any shape! 2 pack of 5" x 8" pads. For use in all freshwater and marine aquariums.

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