Aquarium Siphons, Water Changers & Gravel Cleaners: Lee's Ultra Gravel Vacs Mini, Slim & Slim Jr
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Lee's Ultra Gravel Vacs

Lee's Ultra Gravel Vacs
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* Self-starting gravel vacs for small and desktop aquariums
* Deep clean aquarium gravel beds with greater convenience
* Included clip secures hose to bucket for easy aquarium maintenance

Lee'sKeep small designer aquariums and fish bowls looking their best. Lee's Ultra Gravel Vacs are the ultra easy and super affordable gravel vacuum cleaners designed to separate and remove debris from substrate beds during routine water changes. Unique self-starting feature eliminates the need to start a siphon with your mouth. Simply move submerged Gravel Vac Cylinder up and down to siphon out debris and dirty aquarium water. For additional convenience and mess-free maintenance, each gravel vacuum cleaner includes an Ultra Hose Clip that secures hose to bucket.

Lee's Ultra Gravel Vacs are available in three sizes, sure to be the perfect fit for your aquarium setup! Each includes Gravel Vacuum Cleaner complete with self-start cap assembly, cylinder and a 6 ft vinyl hose.

Model Cylinder Dimensions
5" Mini
(mfg# 11551)
1-5/8" diameter x 5" long
12" Slim Jr.
(mfg# 11549)
1-1/4" diameter x 12" long
6" Slim Jr.
(mfg# 11516)
1" diameter x 6" long

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Optional Squeeze Bulb Siphon Starter for Mini Gravel Vac makes siphoning easy, regardless of aquarium water level. Connect Siphon Starter and squeeze the bulb to easily establish a siphon that drains away dirty aquarium water and debris. Stop using your mouth to start a siphon, use the Squeeze Bulb Siphon Starter instead. Measures 10" L x 2-1/2" diameter. Contains one Squeeze Bulb Siphon Starter and two adapters.

The Squeeze Bulb Siphon Starter fits Lee's Ultra Gravel Vac Model #11551.

Please click on "More Information" for assembly and self-starting siphon activation instructions.

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