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Tree Stump Aquarium Ornament

Tree Stump Aquarium Ornament
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* Realistic resin décor add natural look to aquarium landscape
* Versatile resin accents great for tree-themed biotope setups
* Perfect for freshwater or brackish aquariums as well as paludariums

Transform the look of your aquarium from mundane to magnificent. O.S.I. Tree Stump Aquarium Ornament simplifies the creation of stunning aquarium landscapes no matter what your preference. Amazing attention to detail featuring realistic texture, coloration and shape adds a natural look to any aquarium setup. Tree-themed resin accent boosts visual interest with dynamic architectural presence while providing hiding spots for shy aquarium inhabitants or fry.

O.S.I. Tree Stump Aquarium Ornament is great for community aquariums as well as freshwater planted aquariums. For amazing biotope designs, consider using tree-themed décor to recreate the look of a flooded rain forest, river bank, a brackish water estuary or tidal plain. Also great for paludariums and other aquarium systems housing aquatic and semi-aquatic species. Hard resin ornaments provide years of enjoyment and will not affect water chemistry or clarity. Safe for freshwater or marine aquariums.

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