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Coralife Pure-Flo II Float & Shutoff Valve

Coralife Pure-Flo II Float & Shutoff Valve
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* Control water production on RO units and reservoir tanks
* Helps save RO membrane life and prevents overflows
* Works automatically - set float valve to desired water level

CoralifeShut off water production automatically on RO units and gravity-fed top off systems. Saves membrane life, prevents messy overflows, and minimizes water pressure buildup on your RO unit. Includes float valve, automatic shutoff valve, check valve, and 3-1/2 ft blue tubing connection.

Contains fittings and connectors for installation with your RO unit and your water storage unit plus full instructions for installation.

Shutoff Valve Parts
Tubing Connectors (4)
Automatic Shutoff Valve
Tubing Locks (4)

Float Valve Parts
Tubing Connector
Tubing Lock
Inlet Fitting
Mounting Fastener
Rubber Gaskets (2)
Float Valve Connector
Float Valve with Adjustment Knob

Please click on "More Information" for installation directions.

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