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AccuraSea® Natural Seawater

AccuraSea® Natural Seawater
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* 100% natural seawater supports the growth and reproduction of marine fishes and invertebrates
* Collected near actively growing coral reefs, then filtered and sterilized immediately
* No mixing, no waiting, no hassle - just natural seawater with proper elements and pH
* Perfect for starting new aquariums and performing water changes

Two Little FishiesAccuraSea Natural Seawater from Two Little Fishies is the original solution developed by nature and proven as a medium for supporting the growth and reproduction of marine fishes and invertebrates for eons. AccuraSea Natural Seawater is collected near actively growing coral reefs so it is naturally nutrient poor. Furthermore, AccuraSea Natural Seawater is filtered and sterilized immediately after harvest to eliminate pathogens. AccuraSea contains pure natural seawater - nothing added, no artificial anything.

With AccuraSea Natural Seawater, there's no mixing, no waiting, no muss, no fuss. Just the perfect solution with the right balance of elements and the proper pH every time. AccuraSea Natural Seawater is natural seawater, period.

AccuraSea Natural Seawater is for use in all marine aquariums. It's especially helpful for starting new aquariums and for nano-reef hobbyists who demand convenience when doing frequent water changes.

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