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Acan Lighting LED Light Fixture

Acan Lighting LED Light Fixture
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* Advanced LED light fixture with built-in programmable controller
* Emits brilliant light suitable for successful coral reef aquariums
* Control intensity of 12K white and 460nm royal blue LEDs

Acan LightingReplicate natural photoperiods with powerful LEDs that beautifully maintain and grow corals. Highly programmable Acan LED Light Fixture features an easy-to-use integrated controller for advanced control of 63 total LEDs. For custom LED aquarium lighting, simply enter up to five different light settings, even with different intensities, that seamlessly transition from one to the next!

Acan LED Light Fixture delivers penetrating light that supports SPS corals. Combined with intensity control of 12K White, 475nm Blue and 460nm Royal Blue LEDs, this energy-efficient LED fixture satisfies reef requirements and budgets with greater flexibility and ease. Each Acan LED Light Fixture includes all hardware for ceiling hanging and tank mounting. For outstanding SAVINGS, purchase the 2-Pack Kit and SAVE $199.99!

Note: Acan Lighting LED Light Fixtures include built in user-friendly controller for independent control of individual unit. Connection port for Neptune Apex Controller not offered with these units.


  • Integrated controller with 5 time stages
  • Separate intensity control for the white, blue, and moonlight LEDs
  • Elegantly designed aluminum housing only 1-1/2 inches high!
  • Adjustable width tank mount and suspension mount hardware included
  • Energy saving & environmentally responsible
  • Heat dissipation is handled passively through the heat sink
  • Heat is radiated away from the tank reducing or eliminating the need for chillers
  • LED bulb life expectancy up to 50,000 hours (5+ years)
  • No ultraviolet or infrared damage to light sensitive items
  • Great replacement for VHO, T5, compact fluorescent and metal halide fixtures
  • UL Listed


Model Dimensions # of 12K
# of 460nm
Royal Blue
Optics Watts Cord
Mfg# 600-18B
A104AC -18B
18-5/8" x 8" 42 21 75° 70 15 ft
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Measured PAR at Various Distances

6" 12" 18" 24" 30" 36" 42" 48"
941 600 389 260 184 136 103 81
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Manufacturer Fixture Size Recommendations*
Following are general recommendations of fixture length combinations that are appropriate for various tank lengths. Use this handy chart as a basic guideline for selecting the appropriate mix of fixture sizes, adjusting as necessary based on your specific needs and preferences.

  Left Center Right
24" tanks   18"  
(15 gal, 20 high, 25 gal, 30 high, Aqueon 26 bow, RedSea MAX130, 60 Cube, Solana XL 60)
48" tanks 18"   18"
(40 long, 55 gal, 60 gal, 75 gal, 90 gal, 120 gal, 150 high, Aqueon 72 bow, Aqueon 95 Wave, Oceanic Reef Ready Bow 90, Oceanic Half Circle 76 Oceanic Waver 95, Solana XL 67)
72" tanks 18" 18" 18"
(125 gal, 150 gal, 180 gal, 210 gal, Aqueon 155 Bow, Oceanic Reef Ready Bow Front 175, Tenecor 125/160 flat back hexagon)

*Above information is general recommendations for aquariums up to 30" deep (front to back).
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Downloadable Acan LED User Guide PDF.
(Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 or later - get it here for free)

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Please click "More Information" for Frequently Asked Questions regarding Acan Lighting LED Light Fixtures.

Light output proven to beautifully maintain and grow SPS coral!
18" Black (Mfg# A104AC -18B/600-18B),   CD-78113,   $599.99  
18" Black 2-pk,   CD-78115,   $999.99  
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