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Aqueon Floramax Plant Growth Fluorescent Lamp

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Aqueon Floramax Plant Growth Fluorescent Lamp
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* Fluorescent lamp ideal for freshwater planted aquariums
* T8 1" diameter lamp stimulates lush aquatic plant growth
* Casts a warm glow to showcase a vibrant planted aquascape

AqueonStimulate lush aquatic plant growth with Aqueon Floramax Plant Growth Fluorescent Lamp. This standard output lamp emits light that supports growth of all varieties of aquatic plants while casting a warm glow that showcases your freshwater planted aquarium. T8 (1" diameter) plant growth lamp brings out the natural color of tropical fish and live plants for a gorgeous aquarium display. Aqueon Floramax Plant Growth Fluorescent Lamp can be used with most fluorescent aquarium light fixtures.

Watts Length Diameter
15 18" 1"
17 24" 1"
25 36" 1"
32 48" 1"

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