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AquaVision Aquatics Aiptasia Solution

AquaVision Aquatics Aiptasia Solution
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* Treat stinging Aiptasia and Majano anemones in reef aquariums
* Fast-acting Aiptasia Solution often yields results within minutes
* Marine and reef-safe solution won't alter aquarium chemistry

AquaVision AquaticsProtect your precious corals from stinging Aiptasia and Majano anemones. Fast-acting Aiptasia Solution is a reef- and marine-safe product that works quickly to treat undesirable Aiptasia and Majano anemones. Easy-to-apply solution often yields results within minutes of application. Will not alter aquarium chemistry. 1.0 ml syringe applicator included for convenient treatment of Aiptasia. Resume usage of recirculation pumps, powerheads and protein skimmers after use. 0.68 oz (20 ml). Approximately 200 applications.

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Don't let stinging Aiptasia and Majano anemones take over your tank
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