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Fusion Air Pumps

Fusion Air Pumps
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* Budget-friendly aquarium air pumps boast high end performance
* Patented baffle system allows silent operation and dependable air output
* Use for aquarium aeration and driving air-driven filters and accessories

Quiet power ensures reliable aquarium aeration. Fusion air pumps feature a patented baffle system that builds up internal pressure to boost air output. Enjoy quiet operation and the air output strength necessary to run airstones and air-driven ornaments and filters. Flexible, rubber feet absorb vibrations to further reduce noise. Use Fusion air pumps to promote proper gas exchange. Expel harmful gasses and introduce fresh, oxygen-rich air into your aquarium. Model 400 and up feature an integrated, adjustable dial for controlled air output.

Model Aquarium
Size (up to)
# of air
# of
Output Pressure
200 20 gallons up to 2 1 1.0 L/M* 10.91 kPa**
300 30 gallons up to 3 1 1.4 L/M 13.375 kPa
400 40 gallons up to 4 1 1.9 L/M 20.96 kPa
500 60 gallons up to 7 2 3.4 L/M 20.46 kPa
600 75 gallons up to 9 2 4.6 L/M 20.5 kPa
700 110 gallons up to 12 2 5.6 L/M 22.08 kPa

*Liters Per Minute; **Kilopascal

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