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DrTim's Aquatics NP-Active Pearls

DrTim's Aquatics NP-Active Pearls
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* Innovative aquarium bio-media for natural nitrate & phosphate removal
* 100% pure PHA Pearls supply long-lasting carbon food source for bacteria
* Reactor media specifically for aquarium use - No harmful fillers, plasticizers or other chemicals

Dr. Tim's AquaticsCultivate nitrate and phosphate reducing bacteria with a pure, biodegradable carbon source. DrTim's Aquatics NP-Active Pearls are 100% pure PHA bacterial polymer. No binders or fillers mean the highest quality bio-pellets for your money. Naturally and effectively remove excess nutrients, maintain aquarium water quality and keep nuisance algae at bay by providing beneficial bacteria the ultimate carbon food source!

Use DrTim's Aquatics NP-Active Pearls in a fluidized reactor to ensure constant, gentle flow of water that is high in oxygen. For best results, your aquarium should be equipped with a protein skimmer or fine mechanical filtration that is cleaned often. Provide strong aquarium water movement to ensure vital gas exchange necessary to maintain high oxygen saturation.

Downloadable DrTim's Aquatics NP-Active Pearls Directions and Troubleshooting PDF.
(Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 or later - get it here for free)

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Award-winning carbon bio-polymer for ALL aquariums
Item above on backorder. Expected in on 06/01/2015.
Item above on backorder. Expected in on 06/01/2015.
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