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Hikari Rotifers Frozen Food

Hikari Rotifers Frozen Food
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* The food of choice for corals, most filter feeders, and fry
* Contains amino acids DHA & EPA
* Microalgae rich, promotes nutrient cycling

HikariHikari Rotifers are an excellent diet for most reef inhabitants. Promotes zooplankton production and is ideal for rearing fry (freshwater or saltwater). Contains the amino acids DHA & EPA and bio-encapsulated with multivitamins. Excellent nutrition for corals, filter feeders, fry and other reef inhabitants. Rich in microalgae to promote nutrient cycling and clearer water. Hikari's 3-step sterilization process ensures a pure product that is free of harmful bacteria, parasites, and foul odors. Packed in pure water and available in "no touch" cube packs, Bio-Pure frozen foods provide maximum nutrition with minimum mess for you at feeding time.

Feeding Instructions: For fry, feed as many times per day as possible. Smaller, more frequent feedings (up to 10 times per day) is best. For reef environments, feed twice daily.

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