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Instant Ocean BIO-Spira

Instant Ocean BIO-Spira
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* Marine aquarium water conditioner with live nitrifying bacteria
* Reduces fish loss in marine aquariums due to ammonia and nitrite toxicity
* Use BIO-Spira in newly setup saltwater aquariums to make it fish safe
* Allows immediate addition of fish!

Instant OceanEssential water conditioner when setting up new marine aquariums. Contains patented and patent-pending live nitrifying bacteria that detoxify ammonia and nitrite. BIO-Spira accelerates the establishment of the bacteria necessary for successful biological filtration to prevent fish loss due to new tank syndrome. In just minutes after adding BIO-Spira to your saltwater aquarium, you can introduce your fish without exposure to dangerous levels of ammonia or nitrite. BIO-Spira can also be used after a water change, when adding new fish, or after medicating your saltwater aquarium. New shelf-stable formula requires no refrigeration. 3.38 oz treats 30 gallons.

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Please Note: During periods of freezing temperatures or extreme heat, 2-day air service is highly recommended.

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