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Marineland Reef LED Strip Light

Marineland Reef LED Strip Light
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* New LED strip light emits light brighter than HO T5 aquarium lamps
* 1W 14,000K daylight and 460nm actinic LEDs support coral growth
* 20% brighter than previous model boasting up to a 10-year lifetime!

The best got better in affordable reef lighting with 20% brighter light output AND long-term LED performance! Marineland Reef LED Strip Light upgrades the popular Reef-Capable LED Lighting System delivering brighter light output and an amazing 10 year lifetime hour of use! Energy-efficient LEDs significantly reduce utility bills and eliminate costly yearly replacement bulbs that dig into your budget. Marineland Reef LED Strip Light is a smart choice for marine reef aquariums and saltwater fish aquariums.

Marineland Reef LED Strip Light ushers in a new era of functional and affordable LED lighting. Optimized for use in reef aquariums featuring 1 watt 14,000°K LEDs and powerful 460nm actinic blue LEDs that provide the correct spectral output for coral growth. Fully integrated digital timer automates LED lighting for consistent photoperiods. You control when the 460nm blue and 14,000°K white LEDs turn on and off with a simple push of a button. LED light fixture comes preprogrammed to simplify use or custom program for reliable, scheduled LED reef lighting.

Sleek, ultrathin low profile Marineland Reef LED Strip Light features a built-in digital timer preprogrammed for use right out of the box, 6 ft low-voltage power cord and adjustable mounting legs that accommodate a variety of aquarium sizes. 1 watt LEDs. Aluminum lighting housing. Use multiple light fixtures based on your reef illumination needs.

Model Lumens # of 1 Watt White LEDS # of 1 Watt Blue LEDS Total Watts Dimensions Estimated Yearly Energy Cost*
18-24" Fixture (Mfg# ML90620) 660 6 3 32.3 18" x 5" x 1.5" high $11.32
24-36" Fixture (Mfg# ML90621) 880 8 4 41 24" x 5" x 1.5" high $14.37
36-48" Fixture (Mfg# ML90622) 1760 16 6 62.5 36" x 5" x 1.5" high $21.90
48-60" Fixture (Mfg# ML90623) 2640 24 8 80.8 48" x 5" x 1.5" high $28.31

*Based on 8hrs/day, 12¢/kWh. Cost dependent on rates and use.

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