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Magnesium Chloride

Magnesium Chloride
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* Convenient bulk magnesium additive ideal for experienced marine/reef aquarists
* Easily maintain proper magnesium level with just 1 tsp per 10 gal
* Helps in balancing calcium & alkalinity in aquarium water for continued coral health

Drs. Foster and Smith Magnesium Chloride offers experienced aquarists a convenient bulk additive to easily maintain the magnesium level in aquarium water. Just 1 tsp of Magnesium Chloride per 10 gal of water raises magnesium 14 ppm. Use alone or in conjunction with our Magnesium Sulfate to more closely match the natural ratio of seawater. With proper magnesium levels, you can enjoy the correct balance of calcium and alkalinity in your aquarium water to support continued coral health. For use in marine/reef aquariums only. Please note: Always test magnesium levels prior to use. Also, do not add Magnesium Chloride directly to your aquarium water.

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