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New Era® Goldfish Foods

New Era® Goldfish Foods
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* Advanced less-waste formulation diet for all ornamental goldfish
* Aids goldfish health, color & vitality AND aquarium water quality
* Contains no artificial colors and made from sustainable sourced ingredients

New EraBoost ornamental goldfish health, color and vitality with New Era Goldfish Foods! Advanced goldfish food made with natural ingredients boasts whole dietary components that provide optimum mineral profiles and a rich source of high-quality protein as well as natural carotenoid pigments. Contains no artificial colors and made with sustainably sourced ingredients. Formulated to generate less waste for improved aquarium water quality.

Goldfish Flakes are uniquely designed to provide the perfect balanced diet. Suitable for all goldfish species including Common Goldfish, Shubunkins and Comets.

Goldfish Pellets are soft, sinking pellets designed to be used where feeding from the surface is not preferable. Suitable for all goldfish species including fancy varieties such as Oranda, Ranchu and Black Moors. Small 1.5 mm pellets.

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