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BioCube Algae Cleaning Magnet

BioCube Algae Cleaning Magnet
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* Updated magnetic algae scrubber for the BioCube Aquarium
* Powerful magnets for effective removal of aquarium algae
* Weighted algae scrubber won't float away when separated

Oceanic SystemsMaintain a clear, clean view of your BioCube Aquarium System with greater ease. The uniquely designed Algae Cleaning Magnet is an essential maintenance tool for Oceanic BioCubes and other curved glass aquariums. Powerful magnets boost contact strength to provide the muscle to effectively remove algae. Ergonomic handle allows a firm grip and greater maneuverability when scrubbing aquarium algae.

Unlike floating algae scrubbers, which can be difficult to retrieve upon separation, this bottom-weighted scrubber falls straight down to rest above the gravel for easy reconnect. Recommended for curved aquariums up to 29 gallons with 1/4" thick glass.

Please click on "More Information" for instructions and maintenance.

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