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EcoTech Marine VorTech Propeller Pump Accessories

EcoTech Marine VorTech Propeller Pump Accessories
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Essential accessories and parts for VorTech Propeller Pumps. Ensure optimal performance in your marine coral reef aquarium with genuine EcoTech Marine parts and accessories. Compatible for use with all VorTech Propeller Pump models including the new EcoSmart series.

VorTech Battery Backup
Maintain VorTech Propeller Pump operation even during an electrical power outage. Battery Backup provides uninterrupted power for up to 72 hours with the MP10 and MP20 and up to 36 hours with the MP40. Connect Battery Backup to another unit to double the backup run time. Comes with trickle charger and necessary wiring cables. Powder-coated white aluminum housing. 8-7/8" x 7-1/4" x 3-1/8" high.

EcoSmart Upgrade Kit
Upgrade your existing VorTech Wave Driver for improved wireless function and range, new "EcoSmart" wave modes, Auto Tune mode, and much more. EcoSmart Upgrade Kits available to transform your existing EcoTech Marine VorTech Propeller Pump MP10 to an MP10 ES, MP10 to an MP10w ES or MP40w to an MP40w ES. RF Module required for enhanced wireless-enabled functions (sold separately).

RF Module
Radio frequency module to unlock the full potential of your VorTech pump. RF Module required for enhanced wireless-enabled functions when upgrading your existing VorTech Pump with the EcoSmart Upgrade Kit.

Foam Guard
Protective foam guard available for VorTech Propeller Pump models MP10, MP20, MP40W and MP60W.

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