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Hydor Koralia Controllable Pumps & Wavemakers

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Hydor Koralia Controllable Pumps & Wavemakers
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* Professional controllable aquarium pumps and wavemakers
* Enhance water movement options for custom aquarium systems
* Energy efficient pump design means low power consumption

Hydor Innovative wave-making system harnesses the power of Koralia submersible pumps. Enjoy the reliable performance of Koralia water circulation pumps and the flexibility and control of a wavemaker. The Koralia Wavemaker* is a dedicated system that accepts up to two or four, low-voltage Koralia Controllable Pumps of any model. Expands custom options for outstanding water movement in aquariums of all sizes. Timer-controllable alternating or synchronous flow modes recreate natural wave or tidal effects. Adjustable flow rate fine-tunes water movement to satisfy the needs of your aquarium and its inhabitants. Use optional Night Mode Photo Sensor to automate wavemaker Night Mode. Koralia Controllable Pumps require Koralia Wavemaker Pump Controller for operation. Koralia Magnum Controllable Pumps generate powerful, wide spread water stream ideal for larger reef aquariums with SPS corals. Connects to the Koralia Wavemaker 4-way Deluxe and 2-way Basic** for greater water movement that you can control.

*Basic Koralia Wavemaker controls up to 2 Koralia Controllable Pumps of any model.
*Deluxe Koralia Wavemaker controls up to 4 Koralia Controllable Pumps of any model.

Hydor Koralia Controllable Pumps

  • Unique Patented Magnet + Suction Cup Support - Makes positioning Koralia pumps easy and safe anywhere in your aquarium.
  • Adjustable Flow Direction - Articulating ball joint allows a full, 360-degree range of convenient pump position.
  • Gentle or Powerful Flow - Choose between wide and gentle flow or use the concentrator nozzle for powerful and direct flow.
  • Low Voltage Safety - All Koralia Controllable pump models have super safe, rubber cords with waterproof connectors that plug into the Koralia Wavemaker control system.
  • Propeller-shaped Rotor - Provides superior performance and exceptional flow rate.
  • Very Low Power Consumption

Hydor Koralia Wavemaker Pump Controller

  • Alternating Flow Mode - Switches between multiple Koralia Controllable Pumps to recreate wave or tide effects.
  • Synchronous Flow Mode - Pumps operate simultaneously at minimum or maximum flow setting and can be set to on/off mode to create strong tidal effects.
  • Food Mode - Puts pumps on "Hold" for 5 minutes for convenient feeding of fish and invertebrates.
  • Manual Night Mode - In this mode the pumps can be slowed down during the night. Resumes set speed during the day.
  • Cooling Fan - Super quiet cooling fan that regulates its speed as necessary.

Model Flow Rate (gph) Watts Dimensions Aquarium Size
Mini Max Min Max
Koralia Nano 100 260 0.6 3.8 2" x 3" 10-30 gallons

**Compatible only with Second Generation Koralia Wavemaker 2-way Basic that is identified by a yellow label on the outer packaging and by a stripe on the inner packaging.

Please click on "More Information" for directions for use.

Please note: Koralia Controllable Pumps are a precision piece of aquarium equipment and will only work with Koralia Controllers. We will not accept, credit, or replace altered Koralia Controllable Pumps.

Powerful Koralia pumps you can control
Koralia Nano Controllable Pump,   CD-34666,   $32.99 ,   $22.99
Basic Koralia Wavemaker
Controller (2-Way),   CD-34671,  
Deluxe Koralia Wavemaker
Controller (4-Way),   CD-34672,  
Night Mode Photo Sensor,   CD-35639,   $23.99
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Please note: Return of electrical equipment to Drs. Foster & Smith for exchange or refund is limited to 60 days from the date of purchase. Beyond 60 days, please contact the manufacturer for repair or replacement as covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

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