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Marllin Long Instruments

Marllin Long Instruments
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* Precision stainless steel aquascaping tools aid in aquarium beautification
* 2 ft long tools extend your reach and are highly maneuverable in tight spaces
* Versatile aquascaping tools simplify maintenance in fresh or saltwater aquariums

Clean, rearrange, and decorate your aquarium even in hard-to-reach areas with these unique tools. These 2 foot long precision aquarium tools reach down to the bottom of your aquarium and maneuver well in tight spaces and crevices. Scissors-like handle works the flattened serrated tip or cutting tip at the end for ultimate control. Forceps provide secure grip to pick up debris and maintain your fresh or saltwater aquarium without disturbing your fish. Also great for relocating corals and/or decorations. Sharp cutting blades of the Scissors smoothly cut aquatic plants and soft corals, making it a great tool for coral or plant propagation. Made from durable stainless steel.

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2 ft long aquascaping tools extend your reach
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