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Thrive Aquatics Thrive D Frag Plug Tree and Frag Plug Tree 360

Thrive Aquatics Thrive D Frag Plug Tree and Frag Plug Tree 360
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* Vertical coral fragment mount for efficient aquarium coral propagation
* Maximizes aquarium space for growing & displaying multiple coral frags
* Highly customizable frag plug tree available in two innovative designs

Capitalize on aquarium real estate with vertical coral propagation! Thrive Aquatics Thrive D Frag Plug Tree and Frag Plug Tree 360 offers a smart and stylish way to grow and display all your favorite coral frags. Clever vertical design occupies less horizontal aquarium space than conventional frag racks and coral frags enjoy plenty of room to grow. Highly adjustable frag mount "arms" are precision-machined from high quality ABS plastic and are a breeze to assemble and reconfigure to suit your coral propagating needs.

Thrive D Frag Plug Tree holds 10 coral plugs and includes suction cups for convenient aquarium placement. Thrive D Frag Plug Tree measures 5.8" x 2.5" x 10" high.

Thrive Frag Plug Tree 360 holds 27 coral frag plugs in an impressive spiraling tree form. Assembled structure occupies a footprint of 8" x 8" x 8.5" high (depending on the size of plugs used) and is supported by a center post and an ABS plastic base. Thrive Frag Plug Tree 360 is perfect for store displays or for any reef hobbyist that wants to beautifully showcase their prized coral frag collection.

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