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DR Instruments Scalpel Handles with Blades

DR Instruments Scalpel Handles with Blades
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* Surgical-grade scalpels for propagating aquarium corals
* Make clean surgical cuts for coral propagation success
* Scalpel handle and 10 blades at a hobby-friendly price!

Propagate soft corals like a pro with surgical-grade stainless steel scalpels. DR Instruments Scalpel Handles with Blades make quick and true cuts through Leather Corals, Mushroom Corals, and other soft corals giving your new coral fragment the quickest healing time possible. Surgical-grade scalpels enhance coral propagation success for an economical way to have more corals for your reef aquarium.

#3 scalpel measures 5" and includes #10 Blades for smaller, more careful cuts. #4 scalpel measures 5-1/2" and includes #22 Blades for thicker, tougher corals. Each scalpel comes with 10 blades.

Please click on "More Information" for coral propagation basics.

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