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Eshopps Coral Frag Rack

Eshopps Coral Frag Rack
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* Magnetic coral frag rack for convenient coral propagation
* Clever design allows flexible placement of coral fragments
* Acrylic frag rack reduces visual clutter in your aquarium

EshoppsOptimize growing conditions for your propagated corals. The simple yet clever design of the Eshopps Frag Rack allows ideal placement of coral fragments (frags) for healthy growth. Powerful magnetic mounts secure the Frag Rack wherever you place it. Satisfy specific water movement or lighting requirements of your coral frags simply by adjusting placement of the Frag Rack. Durable acrylic construction and low profile design help reduce visual clutter. Prefect for propagation or "grow-out" tanks or even your main display reef aquarium. Corner Rack measures 6" x 6" and holds 13 coral plugs. Straight Rack measures 12" x 4" and holds 23 coral plugs. Each includes two coral plugs.

Replacement Coral Frag Plugs for your Eshopps Frag Rack blend in perfectly with the rack and your overall aquarium environment. These durable clear acrylic plugs have a 3/8" diameter stem that fits most coral frag racks. 1" diameter mounting surface x 1" high.

Please note: Magnetic strength works best on aquarium thickness up to 3/8".

Please click on "More Information" for tips on coral propagation.

2 FREE plugs with each rack
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